Our Commitment to Philanthropy & Giving

Hackman Capital is dedicated to supporting individuals and communities in need. In pursuit of this mission, we have partnered exclusively with Focusing Philanthropy to maximize our impact. As the inaugural Corporate Partner of Focusing Philanthropy, Hackman Capital is proud to support the organizations and programs it showcases. We encourage our employees, clients, and vendors to consider joining us in this philanthropic endeavor.

About Focusing Philanthropy

Focusing Philanthropy identifies, evaluates, and promotes giving opportunities that improve the life-trajectory of people living with great unmet needs here and around the world. Through a rigorous diligence and monitoring process, they select and partner with nonprofits that consistently deliver demonstrable improvements in the health, education, or economic circumstances of the beneficiaries. Focusing Philanthropy works closely with each nonprofit to curate specific projects, then raises funds needed from donors to implement them. Here are some examples of results Focusing Philanthropy has achieved through initiatives we have supported:

  • 36,905 sight restoring cataract surgeries ($50/person).

  • Primary medical care to 52,855 people in Central America and Ecuador who would otherwise not have access to healthcare.

  • One-on-one highly structured tutoring to 2,893 elementary school students that moves underperforming third and fourth graders towards peer group proficiency.

  • Middle school mentorship program that increases high school graduation from 50% to 92%.

  • Expansion of a program proven to triple the agricultural output of subsistence farmers. To date, Focusing Philanthropy donors have funded the rollout of this program in four countries, moving 308,000 people permanently out of starvation poverty. 

  • 393 low-income high school girls from Southern California received college readiness and admission assistance that resulted in their gaining admission to top colleges and universities.

Focusing Philanthropy is itself a 501c(3). Its services are provided free to both donors and their nonprofit recipients. 100% of donations go to our showcased giving opportunities.

Join Us

To learn more about Focusing Philanthropy and how you can get involved, please contact us or visit

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