Lower Garden District
New Orleans, Louisiana

Property Type
Film & TV Studio
Campus Size
287,327 SF
No.of Stages
Stage Total
128,500 SF
Office & Support
154,000 SF
10.15 Acres


Second Line Stages is the first purpose-built, full-service production facility in New Orleans and Louisiana—and the first independent green film studio in the United States.

Expansion plans have recently been completed at the studio, increasing its stages from three to eight, and adding new production offices and support space.

Additional support space will be delivered in May of 2023.

The campus also offers a 48-seat digital theater and mixing stage, as well as a basecamp and parking totaling 180,000 square feet.

Located in New Orleans’ vibrant Lower Garden District, about a mile from the French Quarter, Second Line Stages has continued to lead the commercial revitalization of this historic area.

New Orleans has become one of the top six content production markets in North America, trailing after Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Vancouver, and Toronto. The city offers a thriving creative economy and Louisiana’s film tax credit program is one of the country’s oldest and most successful.

Located in New Orleans, in the historic Lower Garden District, one mile from the French Quarter.